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L298N Stepper Motor Driver Red

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This module is based on L298N,

high voltage,

high current

dual full bridge driver which can be used to drive a DC motor and stepper motor,

relay coil inductive load; using standard logic level signal control;

having two enable control end allow or prohibit the work has a logic device power supply input terminal,

in the case regardless of the input signal affect the internal logic circuit portion to operate at a low voltage;

can be an external sense resistor,

the amount of change in feedback to the control circuit.

This module integrates a built-in 5V power supply.

When you drive voltage of 7V-35V can onboard 5V logic supply,

do not input voltage when using onboard 5V power supply,

the +5 V power supply interface,

but leads to 5V voltage for external use When ENA is HIGH,

IN1 IN2 control OUT1 OUT2 When ENB is HIGH,

IN3 IN4 control OUT3 OUT4 Application:

1: driving stepper motor

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