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BC847B SMD SOT-23 Transistor NPN


2SA1815 NPN Transistor SOT-23 SMD

S9018 NPN Transistor SOT-23 SMD

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S9018 NPN Transistor SOT-23 SMD

General Information

The S9018 NPN transistor is an AM/FM amplifier, local oscillator of FM/VHF tuner transistor.  It has a high current gain bandwidth.

  • High current gain bandwidth product fT = 1.1GHz (Typ)
  • 30V MAX
  • 50mA MAX Current
  • hFE = 28 ~ 198

Absolute Maximum Ratings Ta=25°C unless otherwise noted

Symbol Parameter Ratings Units
1. VCBO Collector-Base Voltage 30 V
2. VCEO Collector-Emitter Voltage 15 V
3. VEBO Emitter-Base Voltage 5 V
4. IC Collector Current 50 mA
5. PC Collector Power Dissipation 400 mW
6. TJ Junction Temperature 150 °C
7. TSTG Storage Temperature -55 ~ 150 °C

S9018 smd


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