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Differential Pressure Transducer

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Differential Pressure Transducer

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Differential Pressure Transducer Technical Data Differential Pressure Transmitter for VAV Box Applications Power Requirements 15 VDC (14.5 to 17 VDC) unregulated; 15 mA maximum Pressure Range 0 to 1.5 in. W.C. (0 to 374 Pa) maximum Overpressure Limit 15 in. W.C. (3.74 kPa) Output Voltage 0.5 to 4.5 VDC into load impedance of 25,000 ohms minimum Accuracy Linearity Linearity: ±1.0% full span maximum Repeatability/Hysteresis: ±0.05% full span maximum Position Effects Zero Shift: ±0.1 VDC maximum Span Shift: ±0.05 VDC maximum Stability (One Year) Zero Shift: ±0.5% full span Span Shift: ±2% full span Temperature Effects Zero: ±0.06% of full span per F° maximum over 60 to 120°F (15.6 to 49.0°C) range Span: ±1.5% of full span maximum over 60 to 120°F (15.6 to 49.0°C) range Power Supply Effects For power supply changes of 14.5 to 17.1 VDC, referenced to 15.0 VDC Zero Shift: ±0.01 VDC maximum Span Shift: +0.02, -0.04 VDC maximum Terminals 1/4 in. male spade terminals with 8 in. (203 mm) wire length Pressure Connections 6 in. (152 mm) length of silicone tubing with barbed fittings for 1/4 in. (6.35 mm) O.D. tubing Ambient Operating Conditions 32 to 140°F (0 to 60°C) 90% RH maximum, non-condensing Ambient Storage Conditions -22 to 185°F (-30 to 85°C) 90% RH maximum, non-condensing Dimensions (H x W x D) 1.00 x 2.71 x 2.5 in. (25.4 x 68.8 x 63.5 mm) Shipping Weight 2.5 oz. (0.07 kg) Agency Compliance UL 916 Listed, File E107041, CCN PAZX CSA C22.2, No. 205 Certified, File LR68965, Class 4812 05 Product Overview The DPT-2015 is connected to the VAV box airflow pickups. The DPT-2015 measures differential pressure and generates a proportional voltage signal. The voltage signal from the DPT-2015 is read by the VAV controller and converted to airflow in cubic feet per minute (cfm). Calibration is not required other than zero calibration, which is performed within the controller. Application The DPT-2015 is used to measure differential pressure to determine the air velocity for calculating airflow. The DPT-2015 is available factory mounted to an M9104 or M9106 actuator or factory mounted to a Johnson Controls VAV controller as an AS-VAVDPT. Figure 2 shows the DPT-2015 field mounted to a M9104 or M9106 actuator. It may also be mounted separately as shown in Figure 3. CCWCOMCW OUT GND IN (-)LO DPT-2015 Figure 2: DPT-2015 Mounted on an M9104 or M9106 Actuator Airflow DPT-2015 (-) LO Figure 3: Typical Standalone Installation The DPT-2015 may be used with the Johnson Controls VAV controller (as shown in Figure 4) or any other controller capable of the following: • controller provided or external power supply of 15 VDC for input power to the DPT-2015 • 25,000 ohm minimum input impedance to accept input of 0.5 to 4.5 VDC from the output of the DPT-2015 Note: For best results, select a controller with auto zero capability. 1 VAV Controller H T G DPT-2015 1 M9104 or M9106 TE VA Figure 4: DPT-2015 Typical Applications

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